Microsoft  Activesync

Note : Use with Windows XP


Installing Microsoft Activesync


Microsoft Activesync is the program used to transfer data between your computer and PDA.

If Activesync is not already installed on your computer, follow these steps :-

Step 1 :- On the PC,
               Insert the CD that came with your PDA
                (labeled  Getting Started CD  from HP)
               Install ActiveSync
               Remove the CD


Alternatively,  download the most recent version of Microsoft Activesync.




Activesync Setup Instructions


Step 1 :- Connect the PDA to the computer using the USB cable and turn on.

              The Activesync program screen will appear.

Step 2 :- On the ActiveSync Setup Partnership screen,
             Select Standard Partnership, click Next


Step 3 :- Synchronize with this desktop computer, click Next


Step 4 :- Synchronize with only this computer, click Next


Step 5 :- On the Select Synchronization Settings screen,
                Clear all checkboxes,
                select Files, click Next, Finish




Setup Multiple PDAs