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PC  Accounting  Import  Software

Mini Pos Import software is the link between your PDA and your PC Accounting software.

It performs two functions :-


Firstly, it extracts the data from your PC and creates a compact stock file that your PDA software can use, containing only a few fields such as Barcode, Description, and Quantity on Hand.

It is a common file that is used by all Mini Pos PDA software - Stocktaking, Price Checking, Sales, etc.


Secondly, it collects the transactions from the PDA, accumulates, and updates the stock on hand levels in your PC Accounting system.

Data from multiple PDAs can be imported, and if a stock item is stored in multiple places, these counts need to be added together before updating.

A variance report can also be printed, and if some items have been overlooked, additional counts can be imported.

When all counts/transactions are finished, press Commit and the stock on hand figures are updated in your PC Accounting System.


Mini Pos Import software is available for Myob, QuickBooks, Xero, and several other PC Accounting systems.

An Excel version is also available which imports PDA data, accumulates, prints a stock on hand report, and creates a CSV text file that can be imported into many other systems.


All Mini Pos software can be downloaded for Free, so you can try before you buy.

If you still have questions, you can always contact


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