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Mini  Pos  Software

Mini Pos Software

Mini Pos Software can be downloaded for free,

so you can try before you buy !


Software demos work just like the full version,

but have restrictions on the number of transactions. 


When you purchase the software, you will be provided with a security code that will unlock the software, and remove these limits.


Instructions are provided with the downloads.

Look in   \Program Files\Minipos\Docs

PDA software comes in several versions, depending on the type of device and the operating system that it is running :-


   - Windows Mobile 6.5 - operating at 480 x 640 pixel resolution, Dot Net 2.0


   - Windows Mobile 5, Windows CE, Windows PocketPC - 240 x 320 pixels

        These versions also available in Dot Net 1.0 and 2.0


   - Motorola/Symbol MC3000 - 320 x 320 pixel resolution


   - Pidion BIP1300 - with built in receipt printer and card reader


   - Windows PC - Use this to trial the software if you don't yet have a PDA.

Important Note :

Each PDA requires a software licence and a unique serial number.

Discounts are available for 5, 10, and 50 user licences.

Contact Mini Pos for special pricing.

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