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Multiple PDA Setup

Note :-  ActiveSync must have been installed first.


How to change the Synchronized Files Folder on the PC

Editing the registry on the PC can change the location of the synchronized files on the PC.  By following these steps, you can share one Synchronized Files folder on a PC with multiple devices running the same version of the Windows Mobile software.  Do not attempt to combine the Synchronized Files folder for Windows Mobile 5 and Windows Mobile 2003 or older.


Change the location for synchronised files by performing the following steps :-


1. Run regedit on Windows 95/98/Me
    Run regedit32 on Windows NT/XP/2000


2. Click HKEY_CURRENT_USER|Software|Microsoft|Windows CE Services|

           Partners|[Partner ID]|Services|Synchronization.
           The name of the [Partner ID] key is different for each device in a partnership with the PC.
           You’ll find the device name in the Display Name value of this key.


3. Double-click the Briefcase Path value of the Synchronisation key and enter a backslash followed by a name for the folder followed by another backslash.
For example, \Synchronized Files\.  It is a good idea to write down the contents of this value before you change it.  This must be a subfolder of the My Documents folder for the user currently logged in to the PC.


4. Close the registry editor.

During the next synchronization, the files will be written to the new location on the PC.


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