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Setup  Bluetooth  Scanner

On the PDA
Go to Start, Settings, Connections, Bluetooth
Turn On

Go to Bluetooth Manager
Explore a Bluetooth Device
Select KDC200
Enter Passkey : 0000
Select Dev B
Next, Finish
Double click the KDC200 icon to connect


Click on the Services Tab
Click on Serial Port
Click on Advanced
Take note of the Inbound Com Port Number
OK, OK, Close


On the Bluetooth Scanner
Hold the two menu buttons on the left
Down arrow to Bluetooth
Press the scan button
Down arrow to Pairing
Press the scan button
You should get the message 'Pairing Success' then 'Bluetooth Connected'
Start File Explorer
My Device, Program Files
Tap the screen and select New Folder
Call it Barcode
Copy the KTsync application to this folder from the Installation CD
Click the icon to run program
Select Com Port Number, Open
Select KDC, enter Suffix /r


To test device
Go to Start
Pocket Word
Scan a barcode and the numbers should appear

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