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Zebra CRD-TC5X-2SETH-02 recharge cradle with Ethernet

Zebra TC5x 1 Bay Charge Cradle with Ethernet


Single slot cradle with 2nd spare battery charging slot and Ethernet.




Suits Zebra TC51 / TC52 / TC56 / TC57


• Able to charge one TC5X mobile computer and one TC5X spare battery simultaneously • Ideal for customers that only need one or two devices per location (convenience stores, grab and go stores)

• Charge time from 0% to 90%: 2.5 hours (est.)

• Able to charge TC5X with Rugged Boot Installed

• Able to charge TC5X with Trigger Handle Installed

• Compatible with TC51, TC52, TC56 and TC57 devices

• Any TC5X battery can be charged in the spare battery slot

• Equipped with both USB 2.0 and Ethernet connectors for communication (Capable of 100/10 Mbps)

• Includes Power Supply and DC Cable – AC Country Specific Cable Must be ordered separately

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