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Datalogic Memor - 2D - Windows CE

Datalogic Memor - 2D - Windows CE


The Memor is a small and slim mobile computer with excellent ergonomics for single-handed use. 

  • Tech Specs

    Part Number 944201022
    Operating System Windows CE 5.0
    Processor XScale PXA-310 @ 624 MHz
    Memory 128Mb Ram, 256Mb Flash
    Storage Micro SD Card
    Scanner Type 2D Imager - range 5-35cm
    Keypad Numeric
    Screen 2.2" diagonal QVGA (240x320)
    Connectivity WLAN 802.11 A/B/G, Bluetooth
    Battery 1100mAh Standard, 2000mAh Ext
    Weight 230g
    Drop Spec 1.2m
    Camera No
    GPS No
  • Downloads

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