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Chainway MR20

Chainway MR20


Chainway MR20 is our refined and new generation wearable Bluetooth UHF readers. Being a compact and portable device, it can be operated together with gloves, wristbands, or lanyards and make your work much more flexible and convenient. With a built-in UHF module, Chainway MR20 possesses a powerful data-collection and transmission function via a simple Bluetooth connection with Android/iOS devices. Removable battery and fast charging capability enable it to achieve work continuity for a long duration. Besides, this tiny device has the protection features like dustproof, waterproof, shockproof, and drop resistance. All these functions make the MR20 a most adaptable device in a wide spectrum of circumstances such as logistics & express delivery, retail store management, warehouse management, power patrol inspection, asset management, e-commerce picking, and tickets checking, etc. helping users free their hands and significantly improve work efficiency.


0.5w UHF wearable         $ 855 inc

Glove          $ 70 inc



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