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Chainway C90

Chainway C90


Chainway C90 is our newly-developed, lightweight and portable handheld terminal that exhibits extremely powerful performance. Built with Android 10 OS and high-performance octa-core processor, it features vigorous system configuration. With rich functionality features like outstanding barcode scanning, sturdy WiFi performance, NFC, front and rear cameras. All these make C90 immensely perfect to be implemented in a wide spectrum of industries, including logistics, warehousing, retail, asset tracking etc.



Android 10.0, 4Gb/64Gb
5.7" screen
4G, WiFi, BT, GPS, NFC
Camera 13Mp Rear, 5Mp Front

Base unit       $ 845 inc


2D CCD                   $ 180 inc

Charge cradle      $ 85 inc

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