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Chainway C61

Chainway C61


Chainway C61 is a new generation rugged handheld computer with robust performance. Built with Android 9 / 11 OS and Qualcomm Octa-Core processor, it supports 27 keys / 37 keys / 47 keys optional keypad, abundant accessories like trigger handle, and features powerful removable battery. And it delivers optional barcode scanning, RFID, NFC, etc. This mobile computer can fulfill applications in logistics, warehousing, retail, etc.



4" screen
4G, WiFi, BT, GPS, NFC, Camera


V4 - Android 11.0, 4Gb/64Gb     $ 1070inc

PC - Android 9.0, 3Gb/32Gb    (Freezer)     $ 1115inc


2D CCD                                $ 185inc
2D CCD                                $ 340inc
2D CCD 4m range           $ 456inc
2D CCD 20m range         $ 740inc

Trigger Handle                  $ 115inc

RFID                                      $ 556inc

Charge cradle                   $ 165inc
Charge/Sync cradle       $ 195inc
4 bay Charge cradle       $ 615inc


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